WHERE: University of South Bohemia, Faculty of Fisheries and Protection of Waters

WHEN: 28th June 2021 - 23rd July 2021


The Summer School is a four-week course within which you are involved in a small research project, working in very well-equipped laboratories under the guidance of experienced researchers of the FFPW USB.

The work in laboratories is supplemented by excursions to fish farms and visits to other interesting places, such as the Český Krumlov town (, the Třeboň town (, Fishery in Třeboň Hld. Inc. ( Fishery in Nové Hrady ( and many other interesting places in the Czech Republic.

There will be opened 17 projects in 2021. You can find detailed information about the ISS 2021 in the BROCHURE. Here you can see the PROGRAM.

PROJECTS International Summer School 2021
Project title
Project leader   
Leader´s e-mail   
R workshop focused on RNAseq data analysis in fisheries science 
Mgr. Tomáš Tichopád
Laboratory of Germ Cells
Abstract Mgr. Tomáš Tichopád  ✔️
Development of Gut-Endoderm among Vertebrates; a comparative study
MSc. Mujahid Ali Shah
Laboratory of Germ Cells 
Abstract MSc. Mujahid Ali Shah  ✔️
Comparative study of basic characteristics of mitochondrial respiration in spermatozoa and somatic cells of common carp
MSc. Deepali Rahi
Laboratory of Reproductive Physiology
Abstract Msc. Rahi Deepali  ✔️
Short-term storage of sperm in some freshwater fish species
MSc. Yu Cheng
Laboratory of Reproductive Physiology
Abstract MSc. Yu Cheng  ✔️
Morphological changes of Common Carp (Cyprinus carpio) spermatozoa during motility
MSc. Francisco Fabio Herrera Rodríguez
Laboratory of Reproductive Physiology 
Abstract MSc. Francisco Fabio Herrera Rodríguez  
The evaluation of the effect of suboptimal temperature on the incidence of spontaneous autopolyploidy in sterlet
Ing. Martin Hubálek
Laboratory of Molecular, Cellular and Quantitative Genetics Abstract Ing. Martin Hubálek  
Comparison of different methods of isolation of DNA; do they differ in both quantity and quality of DNA yielded? 
MSc. Ali Asghar Baloch
Laboratory of Aquatic Toxicology and Ichtyopathology Abstract MSc. Ali Asghar Baloch  
Histone modifications during fish oocyte ageing
MSc. Swapnil Gorakh Waghmare Laboratory of Intensive Aquaculture Abstract MSc. Swapnil Gorakh Waghmare  ✔️
Assessment of adaptation of stocked broodfish of European grayling through evaluation growth parameters and reproduction success
MSc. Mladen Avramovič
Laboratory of Environmental Chemistry and Biochemistry 
Abstract MSc. Mladen Avramovič  ✔️
 Effect of pharmaceutical on oxidative stress enzyme activities of crayfish
MSc. Tuyen Van Nguyen
 Laboratory of Environmental Chemistry and Biochemistry Abstract Msc. Tuyen Van Nguyen  
High resolution mass spectrometry for investigation of new pollutants in water/soil
Ing. Petra Nováková
Laboratory of Environmental Chemistry and Biochemistry Abstract Ing. Petra Nováková  ✔️
Effects of three insect meals in pikeperch Sander lucioperca diets: Evaluation on growth performance, serum biochemistry, digestibility, feed preference, flesh quality, gut microbiota and isotopic signatures
MSc. Tran Quang Hung
Laboratory of Controlled Reproduction and Intensive Fish Culture
Abstract MSc. Tran Quang Hung  ✔️
The power of well executed fish nutrition experiments and its multiple applications
MSc. Koushik Roy
Laboratory of Nutrition 
Abstract MSc. Koushik Roy  ✔️
Effect of alginate film enriched with essential oils on the quality of Common carp (Cyprinus carpio) fillets during 4°C storage
MSc. Ruoyi Hao
Laboratory of Nutrition
Abstract MSc. Hao Ruoyi  
Early development and allometric growth pattern in the round goby (Neogobius melanostomus) with regards to the habitat preferences shift
MSc. Natalia Zuzanna Szydlowska
Laboratory of freshwater ecosystems
Abstract MSc. Natalia Zuzanna Szydlowska  
16. Differences in macrozoobenthos community within longitudinal profile of a brook ecosystem affected by human-induced disturbances
Ing. Marek Let
Laboratory of freshwater ecosystems 
Abstract Ing. Marek Let  
Predation of invasion fish three-spine stickleback on marbled crayfish
Ing. Martin Musil
Laboratory of freshwater ecosystems  Abstract Ing. Martin Musil  ✔️

 If you have any questions, contact Adéla Minaříková (

If the situation, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, would not allow conducting the ISS 2021 program according to the plan, the event will be canceled, and the fee refunded.

The International Summer School is supported by the budget of the Faculty of Fisheries and Protection of Waters USB and budget for development of the University of South Bohemia in České Budejovice.