12 / 2010


Chemical Composition of Fillets of Mirror Crossbreds Common Carp (Cyprinus carpio L.)
H. Buchtová, Z. Svobodová, M. Kocour, J. Velíšek
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IF 2009: 0.403

Hepatic Ethoxy-, Methoxy- and Pentoxyresorufin O-Dealkylase Activities in Landrace and Duroc Pigs Stimulated with hCG
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Edice Metodik (technologická řada), FROV JU Vodňany, 2010, č. 100, 26 s.
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Sympatric occurrence of triploid, aneuploid and tetraploid weatherfish Misgurnus fossilis (Cypriniformes, Cobitidae)
B. Drozd, M. Flajšhans, P. Ráb
Journal of Fish Biology (2010), 77 (9), 2163–2170
IF 2009: 1.226

Comparative protein profiles: Potential molecular markers from spermatozoa of Acipenseriformes (Chondrostei, Pisces)
P. Li, M. Hulák, M. Rodina, M. Sulc, Z-H. Li, O. Linhart
Comparative Biochemistry and Physiology, Part D 5, 302–307
IF 2009: 1.758














11 / 2010

Distribution and diversity of littoral macroinvertebrates within extensive reed beds of a lowland pond
J. Sychra, Z. Adámek, K. Petřivalská
Ann. Limnol. - Int. J. Lim. (2010), 46 (4), 281–289
IF 2009: 0.981

Recapture rate and growth of hatchery-reared brown trout (Salmo trutta v. fario, L.) in Blanice River and the effect of stocking on wild brown trout and grayling (Thymallus thymallus, L.)
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Evaluating the Impacts of Osmotic and Oxidative Stress on Common Carp (Cyprinus carpio, L.) Sperm Caused by Cryopreservation Techniques

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Influence of environmental related concentrations of heavy metals on motility parameters and antioxidant responses in sturgeon sperm
Z-H. Li, P. Li, B. Dzyuba, T. Randák

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J. Sales
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M. Bláha
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Intra-sex dimorphism in crayfish females
M. Buřič, A. Kouba, P. Kozák
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Efficacy Testing of Orally Administered Praziquantel to Common Carp Naturally Infected by Caryophyllidean Tapeworms (Platyhelminthes: Eucestoda) 

E. Sudová, V. Piačková, J. Velíšek, M. Pijaček, Z. Svobodová
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Removal of oseltamivir (Tamiflu) and other selected pharmaceuticals from wastewater using a granular bioplastic formulation entrapping propagules of Phanerochaete chrysosporium
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Quantification of the Differences in Flesh Fatty Acid Components between Farmed and Wild Fish
J. Sales
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Effect of a human pharmaceuticalcarbamazepine on antioxidant responses in brain of a model teleost in vitro: an efficient approach to biomonitoring
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Evaluating the function of calcium antagonist on the Cd-induced stress in sperm of Russian sturgeon, Acipenser gueldenstaedtii
Z-H. Li, P. Li, M. Rodina, T. Randák
Aquatic Toxicology (2010), 100 (4), 373–375
IF 2009: 3.124


10 / 2010

Detection of Cyprinid Herpesvirus-3 in Field Samples of Common and Koi Carp by Various Single-Round and Nested PCR Methods
D. Pokorová, S. Reschová, J. Hulová, M. Vicenová, T. Veselý, V. Piačková
Journal of The World Aquaculture Society (2010), Vol. 41 (5), 773-779
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Sesamin as a potential modulator of fatty acid composition in common carp (Cyprinus carpio)
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Otter, Lutra lutra, feeding pattern in the Kamenice River (Czech Republic) with newly established Atlantic salmon, Salmo salar, population
D. Kortan, Z. Adámek, P. Vrána
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Percoll gradient separation of cryopreserved common carp spermatozoa to obtain a fraction with higher motility, velocity and membrane integrity
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Theriogenology (2010), 74 (8), 1356–1361
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Cryopreservation of Atlantic cod Gadus morhua L. spermatozoa: Effects of extender composition and freezing rate on sperm motility, velocity and morphology
I.A.E. Butts, M.K.  Litvak, V. Kašpar, E.A. Trippel
Cryobiology (2010), 61 (2), 174–181

IF 2009: 1.718
















09 / 2010            

Sperm motility and seminal plasma characteristics in Barbus sharpeyi (Günther, 1874)
S.M.H. Alavi, E. Jorfi, A. Hatef and S.A.S. Mortezavi
Aquaculture research (2010), 41 (10), e688–e694
IF 2009: 1.099


Artificial incubation of noble crayfish (Astacus astacus) eggs in a partially recirculating system using formaldehyde as an antifungal treatment
A. Kouba, J.M. Carral, M. Buřič, J. Mráz, T. Policar, P. Kozák
Aquaculture Research (2010) 41 (10), e618–e623
IF 2009: 1.099


Journal of Applied Ichthyology (2010), vol. 26, issue 5
Special Issue: Proceedings of the Second International Workshop on Biology of Fish Gametes
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Description of hake (Merlucius merlucius) spermatozoa: flagellar wave characteristics and motility parameters in various situations
J. Cosson, A.-L. Groison, C. Fauvel and M. Suquet
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Spontaneous activation of spermatozoa motility by routine freeze-thawing in different fish species
B. Dzyuba, S. Boryshpolets, M. Rodina, D. Gela and O. Linhart
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Physico-biochemical parameters and protein profiles of sperm from beluga Huso huso
P. Li, M. Rodina, M. Hulák, D. Gela, Z-H. Li and O. Linhart
pp. 735–755


In vitro effects of Bisphenol A on sperm motility characteristics in Perca fluviatilis L. (Percidae; Teleostei)
A. Hatef, S.M.H. Alavi, Z. Linhartová, M. Rodina, T. Policar a O. Linhart
pp. 696–701


Fertilization and hatching rates and larval performance in captive common barbel (Barbus barbus L.) throughout the spawning season
T. Policar, P. Podhorec, V. Stejskal, J. Hamáčková a S.M.H. Alavi
pp. 812– 815

Effects of exposure to sublethal propiconazole on the antioxidant defense system and Na+–K+-ATPase activity in brain of rainbow trout, Oncorhynchus mykiss
Z-H. Li, V. Žlábek, R. Grabic, P. Li, J. Máchová, J. Velíšek, T. Randák

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A. Kouba & M. Buřič & P. Kozák
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Reviews in Fish Biology and Fisheries (2010), volume 20, issue 3

Special Issue: Biology and  Culture of Tench (Tinca tinca L.1875)

IF 2009: 2.161


Genetic variability and differentiation of wild and cultured tench populations inferred from microsatellite loci
K. Kohlmann, P. Kersten, R. Panicz, D. Memiş and M. Flajšhans
pp. 279–288


Lack of reproductive isolation between the Western and Eastern phylogroups of the tench
Z. Lajbner, K. Kohlmann, O. Linhart and P. Kotlík
pp. 289-300


Comparison of performance of genome manipulated and standard tench, Tinca tinca (L.), groups under pond management conditions
D. Gela, M. Kocour, M. Flajšhans, O. Linhart and M. Rodina
pp. 301-306


Does triploidization produce functional sterility of triploid males of tench Tinca tinca (L.)?
M. Hulák, V. Kašpar, M. Pšenička, D. Gela and P. Li, et al.
pp. 307-315


A review on the potential of triploid tench for aquaculture
M. Flajšhans, D. Gela, M. Kocour, H. Buchtová and M. Rodina, et al.
pp. 317-329


The influence of ploidy level on ultrastructure and motility of tench Tinca tinca (L.) spermatozoa
M. Pšenička, M. Flajšhans, M. Hulák, V. Kašpar and M. Rodina, et al.
pp. 331-338


Performance of different tench, Tinca tinca (L.), groups under semi-intensive pond conditions: it is worth establishing a coordinated breeding program
M. Kocour, D. Gela, M. Rodina and M. Flajšhans
pp. 345-355


External damage and changes in blood parameters in female tench, Tinca tinca (L.) retained in anglers’ keepnets
J. M. Gallardo, S. M. H. Alavi, Z. Adámek and B. Drozd
pp. 403-408


Toxicity of Diazinon 60 EC for embryos and larvae of tench, Tinca tinca (L.)
J. Máchová, M. Prokeš, M. Peňáz, V. Baruš and H. Kroupová
pp. 409-415
















































































08 / 2010


Dietary n-3/n-6 ratio affects the biochemical composition of Eurasian perch (Perca fluviatilis) semen but not indicators of sperm quality
E. Henrotte, V. Kašpar, M. Rodina, M. Pšenička, O. Linhart & P. Kestemont
Aquculture research (2010), 41 (9), E31–E38
IF 2009: 1.099

Seasonal diet pattern of non-native tubenose goby (Proterorhinus semilunaris) in a lowland reservoir (Mušov, Czech Republic)
Z. Adámek, P. Jurajda, V. Prášek, I. Sukop
Knowledge and Management of Aquatic Ecosystems (2010) 397 (02), P1-P12
IF 2009: 0.235

Non-native fish introductions in the Czech Republic – species inventory, facts and future perspectives
J. Musil, P. Jurajda, Z. Adámek, P. Horky a O. Slavík
J. Appl. Ichthyol. (2010), 26 ( 2), 38-45
IF 2009: 1.121

Ecotoxocological effects of short-term exposure to a human pharmaceutical Verapamil in juvenile rainbow trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss)
Z-H. Li, P. Li, T. Randák
Comparative Biochemistry and Physiology, Part C (2010), 152 (3), 385–391
 IF 2009: 2.582

Modulation of glutathione-related antioxidant defense system of fish chronically treated by the fungicide propiconazole
Z-H. Li, V. Žlábek, R. Grabic, P. Li, T. Randák
Comparative Biochemistry and Physiology, Part C (2010), 152 (3), 392–398

IF 2009: 2.582

Can dissolved aquatic humic substances reduce the toxicity of ammonia and nitrite in recirculating aquaculture systems?
Meinelt T., H. Kroupová, Stuber A., B. Rennert, Wienke A.,Ch.E.W.  Steinberg
Aquaculture (2010), 306 (1-4), 378–383
IF 2009: 1.925

Ice-age endurance: the effects of cryopreservation on proteins of sperm of common carp, Cyprinus carpio L
P. Li, M. Hulák, P. Koubek, M. Šulc, B. Dzyuba, S. Boryshpolets, M. Rodina, D. Gela, P. Maňásková-Postlerová, J. Pěknicová, O. Linhart Theriogenology (2010), 74 (3), 413–423
IF 2009: 2.073



















07 / 2010

Antimicrobial resistance and its genetic determinants in aeromonads isolated in ornamental (koi) carp (Cyprinus carpio koi) and common carp (Cyprinus carpio)
A. Čížek, M. Dolejska, R. Sochorová, K. Strachotová, V. Piačková, T. Veselý
 Veterinary Microbiology (2010), 142 (3–4), 435– 439
IF 2009: 2.874

Relationships between reproductive characteristics in male Vimba vimba L. and the effects of osmolality on sperm motility
S.M.H. Alavi, P. Kozák, A. Hatef, J. Hamáčková, O. Linhart
Theriogenology (2010), 74, 317–325
IF 2009: 2,073







06 / 2010

Metodika uchování genetických zdrojů ryb v živé genové bance

M. Flajšhans, M. Hulák, V. Kašpar, M. Rodina, M. Kocour, D. Gela
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Základní mofologické znaky k rozlišení raku v ČR (2. přepracované vydání)

P. Kozák, T. Policar, M. Buřič, A. Kouba
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Měření profilu textury masa kapra obecného za pouziti analyzátoru textury TA.XTPlus

M. Cepák, F. Vácha, P. Vejsada
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Dekapsulace, líhnutí odkrm žábornožek rodu Artemia

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Současný stav, umělá reprodukce odchov násadového materiálu parmy obecné (Barbus barbus L.)

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Efektivní přikrmování mechanicky upravenými obilovanami v chovu tržního kapra na rybářství Třeboň HLD. a.s.

J. Másílko, M. Urbánek, P. Hartvich, J. Hůda
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Technologie řízené reprodukce kapra obecného (Cyprinus carpio L.)
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Effect of human pharmaceutical Carbamazepine on the quality parameters and oxidative stress in common carp (Cyprinus carpio L.) spermatozoa
Z-H. Li, P. Li, M. Rodina, T. Randák
Chemosphere 80 (2010), 530–534
IF 2009: 3.253

Enzymatic alterations and RNA/DNA ratio in intestine of rainbow trout, Oncorhynchus mykiss, induced by chronic exposure to carbamazepine
Z-H. Li, V. Žlábek, R. Grabic, J. Velíšek, J. Máchová, T. Randák
Ecotoxicology (2010), 19, 872– 878
IF 2009: 3.507




















05 / 2010

Technologie chovu pstruha obecného v kontrolovaných podmínkách za účelem produkce násadového materiálu pro zarybňování volných vod

T. Randák, J. Turek, J. Kolářová, M. Kocour, R. Hanák, J. Velíšek, V. Žlábek
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Technologie chovu generačních lipanů podhorních za účelem udržitelné produkce kvalitního materiálu pro zarybňování násadového volných vod

T. Randák, J. Turek, J. Kolářová, M. Kocour, J. Kouřil, R. Hanák, J. Velíšek, V. Žlábek
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Souprava COMBI – terénní analýzy vody

O. Valentová, J. Máchová, R. Faina, H. Kroupová, Z. Svobodová
Edice Metodik (technologická řada), FROV JU Vodňany, 2009, č. 90, 28 s.  

Size determination of Acipenser ruthenus spermatozoa in different types of electron microscopy
M. Pšenička, M. Tesařová, J. Těšitel, J. Nebesářová
Micron (2010), 41,  455–460
IF 2008: 1.839

Physiological condition status and musclebased biomarkers in rainbow trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss), after long-term exposure to carbamazepine
Z.-H. Li, V. Žlábek, J. Velíšek, R. Grabic, J. Máchová, T. Randák
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IF 2008: 2.127

Effects of exposure to sublethal propiconazole on intestine-related biochemical responses in rainbow trout, Oncorhynchus mykiss
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Chemico-Biological Interactions (2010), 185, 241– 246
IF 2008: 3.077















04 / 2010 

Léčebné preventivní postupy v chovech ryb

J. Kolářová, Z. Svobodová
Edice Metodik (technologická řada), FROV JU Vodňany, 2009, č. 88, 30 s.

Technologie intenzivního chovu okouna říčního (Perca fluviatilis L.)

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Sperm motility and monthly variations of semen characteristics in Perca fluviatilis (Teleostei: Percidae)
S.M.H. Alavi, M. Rodina, A. Hatef, V. Stejskal, T. Policar, J. Hamáčková, O. Linhart
Czech Journal of Animal Science (2010), 55 (4), 174–182
IF 2008: 0.735

Molecular and morphological patterns across Acanthocyclops vernalis-robustus species complex (Copepoda, Cyclopoida)
M. Bláha, M. Hulák, J. Slouková, J. Těšitel
Zoologica Scripta (2010), 39 (3), 259–268 

IF 2008: 2.494

Naturally-induced endocrine disruption by the parasite Ligula intestinalis (Cestoda) in roach (Rutilus rutilus)
A. Trubiroha, H. Kroupová, S. Wuertz, S.N. Frank, B. Sures, W. Kloas
General and Comparative Endocrinology (2010), 166 (2), 234–240
IF 2008: 2.654













03 / 2010

Effect of nitrite on early-life stages of common carp (Cyprinus carpio L.)
H. Kroupová, M. Prokeš, S. Mácová, M. Peňáz, V. Baruš, L. Novotný, J. Máchová
Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry (2010), 29 (3), 535–540
IF 2008: 2.420

Molecular phylogeographic analyses of the loach Oxynoemacheilus bureschi reveal post-glacial range extensions across the Balkans
A. Šedivá, A. Apostolou, J. Kohout, J. Bohlen
Journal of Fish Biology (2010), 76 (2), 357–368
IF 2008: 1.246


02 / 2010

Post-release growth and dispersal of pond and hatchery-reared European grayling Thymallus thymallus compared with their wild conspecifics in a small stream
J. Turek, T. Randák, P. Horký, V. Žlábek, J. Velíšek, O. Slavík, R. Hanák
Journal of Fish Biology (2010), 76, 684–693
IF 2008: 1.246

Regional European Crayfish Workshop: Future of Native Crayfish in Europe
Knowledge and Management of Aquatic Ecosystems, vol. 394–395 (2009)


The effect of different cold period during maternal incubation on incubation efficiency and hatching term in Austropotamobius pallipes
T. Policar, J. Smyth, M. Flanigan, P. Kozák a A. Kouba


Effect of chloride content in water on heart rate in narrow-clawed crayfish (Astacus leptodactylus)
P. Kozák, T. Policar, VP Fedotov, T.V. Kuznetsova, M. Buřič a S.V. Kholodkevich


Chelae regeneration in European alien crayfish Orconectes limosus (Rafinesque 1817)
M. Buřič, A. Kouba., P. Kozák


Invaders eating invaders: potential trophic interactions between the amphipod Dikerogammarus villosus and juvenile crayfish Orconectes limosus
M. Buřič, L. Kočí, A. Petrusek, A. Kouba, P. Kozák

Effects of sub-chronic exposure to terbutryn in common carp (Cyprinus carpio L.)
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Cross-species amplification of microsatellite markers in the invasive spiny-cheek crayfish (Orconectes limosus): assessment and application
M. Hulák, V. Kašpar, P. Kozák, M. Buřič, L. Filipová, A. Petrusek
Journal of Applied Genetics (2010), 51 (1), 73–78
IF 2008: 1.351


01 / 2010

Morphological sex change upon treatment by endocrine modulators in meiogynogenetic tench (Tinca tinca L.)
M. Hulák, M. Pšenička, D. Gela, M. Rodina and O. Linhart
Aquaculture research (2010), 41 (2), 233–239
IF 2008: 0.991

Microsatellite-based genetic diversity and differentiation of foreign common carp (Cyprinus carpio) strains farmed in the Czech Republic
M. Hulák, V. Kašpar, K. Kohlmann, K. Coward, J. Tešitel, M. Rodina, D. Gela, M. Kocour, O. Linhart
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Moulting and growth in relation to form alternation of male spiny-cheek crayfish, Orconectes limosus
M. Buřič, A. Kouba, P. Kozák
Zoological Studies (2010), 49(1), 28–38   
IF 2008: 0.772

Evaluation of continuous 4-day exposure to peracetic acid as a treatment for Ichthyophthirius multifiliis
E. Sudová, D.L. Straus, A. Wienke, T. Meinelt
Parasitology Research (2010), 106 (2), 539–542
IF 2008: 1.473