Large research infrastructure CENAKVA
The aim of the large research infrastructure CENAKVA is an understanding of changes in freshwater ecosystems and their social importance in terms of biodiversity conservation, protection of the aquatic environment and water resources important for human life and activity. Large research infrastructure CENAVKA covers infrastructure, knowledge and expertise of the Faculty of Fisheries and Protection of Waters a South Bohemian Research Center of Aquaculture and Biodiversity of Hydrocenoses  and enables open access to the 25% of the capacity.
CENAKVA is the only infrastructure in the Czech Republic engaged in global processes in freshwater ecosystems, the circulation of substances in water, including the monitoring of new pollutants in the environment.
Unique pond, experimental and scientific background together with close ties to the fishing community in the Czech Republic, Europe and the world, which CENAKVA has, creates a unique unit, which is able to plan and verify future proposals for management of ponds, due to climate changes in the Czech Republic and Europe.
Large research infrastructure belongs to the field of environmental sciences Roadmap of the Czech Republic for large infrastructures for research, experimental development and innovation
In the future, the main task of fishermen will not be to produce fish, but to maintain quality water in a quality landscape, creating a regional climate that reduces drought and flooding.
The research focus of CENAKVA is focused into four key multidisciplinary scientific research programs:
Reproductive and genetic procedures for fish biodiversity and aquaculture conservation  01 01
“New” pollutants in the environment and their effect on freshwater ecosystems  01 02
Sustainable aquaculture with a responsible water and nutrient management  01 03
Biology under varying conditions of freshwater ecosystems  01 04



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