Open access

Large research infrastructure CENAKVA operates on the principle of open access infrastructure for experimental activities, which includes a total of 12 specific laboratories and research workplaces.

Researchers from around the world can access services and infrastructure through open access. Open access allows experimentation and use of the expertise the infrastructure for free. For the realization of the experiment, the proposal for access is prepared by the applicant, which is evaluated in two stages in terms of research quality, technical competence and infrastructure availability. Successful projects are then carried out with the technical and scientific assistance of infrastructure staff.

Feel free to sign up with your experiment. The call for projects is open continuously.

The applicant shall complete the form electronically with a structured curriculum vitae and wait for the project to be evaluated and decide whether the project will be implemented.

In case of acceptance of the project, the project investigator will obtain the host status at the university and the project is then negotiated directly with the head of the relevant part of the FFPW USB infrastructure.