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Dipl.-Ing. Jan Kašpar
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+420 734 269 085
Dipl.-Ing. Pavlína Gápová
head deputy
Dipl.-Ing. Eduard Levý
+420 601 591 085
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Bc. Josef Vobr
The fish shop "Fish for Health" was established by the Faculty of Fisheries and Protection of Waters, University of South Bohemia in Ceske Budejovice in 2012. The store is now completed with a modern processing plant opened in 2015. The new facility will be used for the processing of fish from our own production (especially the Omega 3 carp) and releasing top-quality fish products according to the HACCP standards (Sturgeon-Friendly Caviar). The processing plant also performs the assessment and characterization of fish as feedstock for further market utilization in the retail network. The shop and processing plant workers experiment with new recipes for fish products and verify their application on the market (utility model - fish pate). At the same time the students of the faculty will have the opportunity to evaluate and gain practical experience in the field of production and sale of freshwater and marine fish. Besides the classical processing of fish, the processing plant and "Fish for Health" shop prepare fish banquet menus for conferences, family celebrations and corporate events. (