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Institute of complex systems
Zámek 136, 373 33 Nové Hradytel.: +420 387 773 801 e-mail:

The list of internal phone lines ICS
Director of the institute Dipl.-Ing. Petr Císař, Ph.D. +420 38 777 3802 +420 724 219 003
Director deputy Prof. RNDr. Dalibor Štys, CSc. +420 38 777 3843 +420 777 729 581
Assistant Dipl.-Ing. Markéta Mlčáková   +420 775 674 206
Assistant Bc. Soňa Vodková +420 38 777 3802 +420 735 700 583
IT worker Michal Macho, DiS. +420 38 777 3807
Cleaner Irena Jindrova


Institute of complex systems was established as one of the four institutes of the faculty in 2012.The main aim of the institute is the research in the field complex systems and creation of the closed loop cycle from the experiment design over experimentrealization, data processing and analysis till the data management. This aim is very broad and therefore all the laboratories are involved in the mutual cooperation. We can find the complex systems all around us. The example of complex system is anthill, human management, social structures, climate, nervous systems, cells and living creatures as well as energy and telecommunication infrastructure. The rediscovered trend is the exploration of the complex systems.

To be able to identify these systems, it is necessary to combine the methods from different scientific fields. It is necessary to measure the system (in the form f controlled experiment), get the knowledge through data processing of experimental data, to determine the description of system behavior, draw conclusions and evaluate them using reproduction of the experiment. This is the way how to identify complex systems, we can predict their behavior and to control them. The institute is directly connected with the faculty through the joint research projects focused on the analysis of behavior of aquatic organisms and management of experimental data.

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