The opening of a new exhibition about water took place in Friday, 21th of Mai, in Sladovna Gallery in Písek. The exhibition is focused on topic of water and recyclation and our faculty participated in the preparation of the exhibition, also with Centre Algatech in Třeboň.
To iniciate the relationship between man and water. That was the main motto of a new authorial exhibition in Sladovna Gallery, which is open for public from 22ht of Mai and is going to be installed approximately for a year. Beside the artists, the scientists and lectors from the Faculty of Fisheries and Protection of Waters and from the Centre Algatech were preparing a greenhouse where the visitors can see an aquaponia system, barels with crayfish and freshwater mollusc or algae cultures.
The exhibition is related for groups of people with reservation, especially for the families with children. The reservation you can make here: Rezervace a on-line vstupenky | Sladovna.

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