The 3rd session of the Intergovernmental Technical Working Group on Aquatic Genetic Resources for Food and Agriculture was held online during the 22nd week of 2021 on the Zoom platform. Programme was focused on finalization of the The State of The World’s Aquatic Genetic Resources for Food and Agriculture for food and agriculture; on preparation of the draft Global Plan of Action for the Conservation, Sustainable Use and Development of Aquatic Genetic Resources for Food and Agriculture including the evaluation of strategic priorities and activities within each priority; on the development of a global information system for farmed types of aquatic genetic resources for food and agriculture as a parallel to existing information systems for terrestrial farm animals and plants. The working group also explored issues of the access and benefit-sharing; definition and possibilities of digital sequence information, access to it and use for conservation; sustainable use and development of aquatic genetic resources, as well as the role of genetic resources in mitigation of and adaptation to climate change and applications of biotechnologies in management of genetic resources.