On July 29, 2021, the summer schools organized in Nové Hrady ended. These were 19 years of summer schools, the continuous organization of which was interrupted only in 2020 due to restrictions against the spread of COVID-19. These measures also affected this year's summer school, when instead of 14 students only 7 could come. However, the quality of the summer school, the level of student involvement and leisure activities were not affected. Students (4 Czechs, 3 foreigners) worked on 6 projects in the field of fish identification, modelling of cyanobacterial behaviour, cultivation of primary cultures from crayfish tissues or analysis of the behaviour of a fish school when affected by caffeine. The aim of summer schools is to enable motivated students to try out scientific work on real research projects, where they must understand the problem, propose a solution, implement it and at the end of summer schools present the results to an expert committee. The students not only took part in research projects, but got to know the surroundings of the New Castles in the saddle of a bicycle and on foot, looked at Vienna and got acquainted with the introductory "barbecue". More information here.