How does the fish or crayfish experience the TIME? In which rhythm can a floodplain river dance in a landscape? How much quicker does a pepper grow in aquaponic system then in your garden?

A visitor can find the answers on this questions when visiting the Researcher´s night at the Faculty of Fisheries and Protection of Waters. The event is going to take place the 24th of September from 17.00-22.30 o´clock. The main topic is TIME.
Our faculty offers a rich program in the ZR building and in aquaponics in university campus. Also, there is an interesting program at the Institute of complex systems in Nové Hrady.

The topic of crayfish, pond, floodplain river, water microworld and the fish products will be displayed within the exposition. Also, there will be the virtual glasses or online game about eel. There will be many activities for children and they can win some small prices given by the God of Poseidon.

All of the faculty employees and other visitors are welcome.

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