Another H2020 project called “NeoGiANT” was launched on 1st October 2021.

The project duration is 48 months. It is attended by 20 partners and coordinated by the Spanish University of Santiago de Compostela.

NeoGiANT aims to develop a new set of treatment products that will reduce the use of antibiotics in farmed animals and substitute synthetic preservatives. The new products will be developed based on an extract of natural origin called e-Vitis. The target products will control many major infectious diseases in animal production, both in livestock and aquaculture.

The FFPW USB research team will test and evaluate the effect of specific formulations on the sperm quality during its storage and during the artificial reproduction in freshwater fish.

The FFPW USB responsible leader is MSc. Serhii Boryshpolets Ph.D.

The budget of the faculty, which is fully financed from the EC resources, is EUR 192,272.