The Czech Junior Championship in spinning was held on 28. 8. 2021 and attended by one of our students Michal Mareš. The championship was organized by the Central Bohemian Territorial Association, more precisely by the MO Vlašim and the MO Český Šternberk. The race was divided into two categories, namely U15 and U20, while the U15 category caught on Blanice 1 and 2, and the U20 category on Sázava 6. A total of 25 competitors participated, of which 12 from the U15 category and 13 from the U20 category. The main fish were perch and chub. The conditions for catching were not ideal, due to the bad weather, despite this, many fish were caught. The race was exciting until the end, and in the end Michal Mareš managed to become the junior champion of the Czech Republic in spinning for the year 2021.