On 27th-28th October 2021, The Children's University took place, with the aim of acquainting children in a playful and experiential way with ecological and scientific topics that we deal with at the faculty. The program focused on the topic of the pond ecosystem and introduced the camp participants to the various abiotic and biotic components of this ecosystem. For example, children determined pH, hunted chemical elements, or net aquatic invertebrates in ponds and determined them under the microscopes. The program also included the creation of short Japanese poems called haiku on the theme of the pond, with which the children were also helped by the Japanese artist living in Vodňany, Hiromi Janštová, and her husband.

The Children's University was implemented as part of the project "DISCOVER AND PROTECT: Endangered Worlds of Aquatic Ecosystems and Their Biodiversity", which was supported by a grant from Norwegian funds.