The association, which brings together technology transfer offices from all Czech universities, colleges, and institutes of the ASCR, organized the second year of the "Transfera Technology Day 2021" competition in cooperation with the CZECHINVEST agency. The partners of the competition are also the Technology Agency of the Czech Republic and this year newly NEURON Foundation. This event aims to connect Czech tvůscience with the business environment and evaluate the commercial potential of new scientific outputs. An equally important intention is also to provide feedback to authors so that they can prepare a more attractive offer for potential investors when commercializing their technologies. Simply to prepare them better for the confrontation and views of a business environment that is quite different from the academic one.

A total of 32 projects from 14 different institutions were registered in the competition this year. All projects had to meet the condition of being part of the project database, which is inspected by evaluators. The projects were sent to the database by the Technology Transfer Office of the University of South Bohemia. On 20th September 2021, an expert jury composed of various experts and investors selected 13 new technologies for the shortlist. One of the successful finalists was also our colleague Dipl.-Ing. Ján Regenda, Ph.D. from IAPW in České Budějovice, who also made it to the finalists in the historically first year - 2020. This year's final meeting took place on Thursday, 21th October 2021 in the National Technical Library in Prague - Dejvice. The event was moderated by Aleš Vlk from the portal The jury's decision in the face of strong competition was not easy. Although our colleague was the last to speak, he was able to impress the audience with his performance so much that he received the Sympathy Award for the patent "Aeration and oxygenation insert for fishing vats". This prize was awarded for the first time this year. Congratulations! In the first place, academics from the UP in Olomouc succeeded with "Tablets for the treatment of contaminated wastewater". The results of the entire competition are published on the website, including a recording of the event.

The link is here. The recording of the results announcement can be viewed here.