Let me remind the great changes and transformations of the Research Institute of Fish Culture and Hydrobiology and further uprising of the faculty as you know it now and at the beginning - ten years ago. Dipl.-Ing. Jan Kouřil, Ph.D. (recent professor) resigned to the positon of the director of the RIFCH on 28th February 2005 and Assoc. Prof. Dipl. - Ing. Otomar Linhart, DSc. (recent professor) was appointed as a director of the RIFCH, Dipl. – Ing. Pavel Kozák, Ph.D. (recent docent) was appointed as a head deputy for economy, Dipl. - Ing. Jan Kouřil, Ph.D. (recent professor) was appointed as a head deputy for study affairs and Dipl. - Ing. Martin Kocour (recent Ph.D.) was appointed as a scientific secretary on 1st March 2005. Requirement for appointment of Martin Kocour was to finish his doctoral studies as soon as possible. The RIFCH consisted of three departments – the Department of genetics and fish breeding with Dipl.-Ing. Martin Flajšhans (recent professor) as the head of the department; Dipl. - Ing. Tomáš Randák (recent docent) continued as the head of the Department of toxicology and fish diseases and the Department of aquaculture and hydrobiology with Dipl.-Ing. Jitka Hamáčková as the head of the department who was replaced by Dipl. – Ing. Pavel Kozák, Ph.D. (recent docent) on 1st June 2005. The heads of the departments had to finish their Ph.D. degrees as soon as possible. I appointed two assistants on the beginning of March - Dipl. - Ing. Marek Rodina (recent Ph.D.) who was responsible for administration of information technology and Dipl. – Ing. Pavel Lepič as a coordinator of technical activities (see the Annual Report of the RIFCH 2004-2005). It is necessary to remind that the changes and transformation were initiated and supported by Prof. PhDr. Václav Bůžek, CSc., the former rector of the University of South Bohemia in České Budějovice. We keep a lot of materials which are available to explore. You can watch a film about contemporary situation at the RIFCH from the years 2007-2008, you can download it here. For employees of the FFPW USB are available presentations on the internal disc S (see below), which I have presented at the meetings of employees of the RIFCH during 2005-2008 and other interesting materials. I am internally satisfied about what we have achieved during the “short” ten years and I believe that employees are proud of their faculty with such an international prestige. I heartily thank our employees for their efforts in achieving our dream.