There were several workshops taken part within the project ScienceZOOM2, which is focuses on the promotion of science and research at the University of South Bohemia in the České Budejovice and aims to educate the public on these subjects from elementary school to adults.

First, on Wednesday 4th of February, the lector RNDr. Bořek Drozd, Ph.D. visited Táborské soukromé gymnasium to show the pupils how the river niva works. The students received knowledge about specifics, meanings and biotopes of river niva. The most interesting was the artificial model of a river niva simulating floods, samples of aquatic animals and the work with workbooks. The workshop visited 29 students.

Another two workshops in February took place at the primary school in Kunžak. The faculty worker Petra Tesařová prepared a programme called Healthy fish for the healthy children. The children really enjoyed the programme, especially creating the cooking aprons which they could take at home. The two workhops visited 36 children.