The team of Working place of tissue culture realized the workshop "Surfaces 2015“. The workshop was focused on the basics of collecting time lapse microscopy photography. The workshop took place from 25. February to 3. March 2015. The work session was designed for researchers who use, or want to use the method of "live cell imaging". This is progressive research method of interactions of living cells in vitro with other materials or tissues. Eight researchers, PhD students and postdocs from the Technical University in Liberec, Faculty of Textile, Department of nonwovens and nanofiber materials participate on the workshop. The content of the workshop was the theory of testing of biosurface tolerance with their practical implementation three-dimensional substrates as well as the new method of colonization, including statistical evaluation.

Working place of tissue culture conducted several experiments on imported samples of fiber PCL and PLA (micro- and nanofibers) in various technological adaptations. Experiments and active cooperation in workshop time exceeded expectations for both sides and outlined the future active cooperation between the Technical University in Liberec and Working place of tissue culture, ICS.