We would like to cordially congratulate to our colleague Dipl. - Ing. Ján Regenda, Ph.D. for the 2nd place in the "JU INNOVATION" competition.

The premium scholarship for contribution to faculty’s creative activities was awarded inMayl 2021 to the following students:

Andrea Vojs Staňová and Roman Grabic published an article in the Sovak magazine, you can read it here.

The opening of a new exhibition about water took place in Friday, 21th of Mai, in Sladovna Gallery in Písek.

Kateřina Grabicová, Tomáš Randák and Roman Grabic published an article in the Drugs and Forensis Bulletinu of the National drug control centre. You can read the article (only in Czech) here.

Our colleague Ing. Antonín Kouba, Ph.D. published articles in the magazine World Fishing & Aquaculture, you can read it here, and in the magazine Aquaculture Magazine, you can read it here.

There are new articles of our colleagues doc. Zdeněk Adámek and doc. Miloš Buřič in the Rybářství magazine. You can download the articles (only in Czech) here and here.

Scientists from the FAculty of Fisheries and Protection of Waters USB, the Laboratory of Germ Cells, have a new success.