During the period of June 15 – 16, 2020, I visited Slovakia with my colleagues Jan Kouřil, Petr Dobrovolný and Oleksander Malinovskyi. The aim of our travel was to transport and stock our experimental monosex populations of pikeperch (Sander lucioperca) to tanks of RAS in fish company “Ryby z dvora“ near to Nitra town. Our fish will be cultured there till their maturation for next research. This cooperation had to be started because our team from FFPW had not enough experimental culture capacity for older pikeperch in Vodnany. Instead pikeperch transport and stocking, we also visited several local fish farms of Slovakia Fishery Angling Association with the aim to get new knowledge and information about new innovation of intensive salmonid farming. At the end of this our travel we also visited one the modern eel (Anguilla anguilla) intensive farm of fish company „Rybárstvo Kamenný potok“ in Vrútky.