When doc. Jan Mraz, Ph.D. and Koushik Roy left for Paris, France on 21st September 2021, they started as an invited partner in the prestigious EU Horizon 2020 grant call HORIZON-CL6-2022-FARM2FORK-01-05 among few selected partners from different EU countries. It is focused on establishing a circular bioeconomy framework in aquaculture for achieving the Food 2030 pathways envisaged by the European commission. Through 22nd and 23rd September, after a lot of team building, project formulation and concept brainstorming, finally the consortium “AquaBridges” was formed. Since the concepts of circular and sustainable aquaculture is much cultured within CENAKVA RP3 and laboratory of nutrition lately, Mraz and Roy returned on 24th September as not only partners. They also brought home the prestigious leadership of an important, visionary work package related to food systems and farm to fork. That too with the unanimous support and recognition by the multi-national project partners. Especially the activities of Roy in the leading journal Reviews in Aquaculture for putting forward the first virtual special issue on this emerging concept  and his dissertation surrounding this topic provided the needed base.