You can be accommodated in a dorm of University of South Bohemia (USB) in České BUdějovice. If you are going to study PhD, you can be accommodated in a dorm of our faculty in Vodňany. You can also find an accommodation in lodgings.

Accommodation in USB dormitories is managed directly by "USB Dormitories and Canteens". For the accommodation rules, types of accomodation and price list, visit the USB Dormitories and Canteen's websites: . Being accommodated in USB Dormitories gives you an advantage: most of the dormitories are located in the USB Campus.



Boarding of students can be provided in USB canteens. USB Canteens provide boarding for students, lecturers, scientists and othe university employees or paying guests. During the working days you can order breakfast, lunch, dinner, some fast meals, salads, sandwiches and more. There are some diet meals (e.g. gluten-free meals),  too. The main USB canteen you can find in University Campus. The main canteen can hold up to 400 diners. In the same building you can use another canteen serving pizza and other meals with no prior order, which can hold up to 200 diners.

There is another canteen (for up to 80 diners) available in the building of the Faculty of Theology in the city center, and some other in the building of Faculty of Health and Social Studies next to the USB dormitory "K5". You can find Café Bar (Café AK) in the building of Academic Library that is also provided by USB Dormitories and Canteens. You can find wide range of hot and cold drinks and snacks there.

For more details please visit USB Canteens and Dormitories's websites: .