Information about student evaluation of teaching (SET) for students of FFPW USB

  • FFPW USB students (BSc. and follow- up MSc. degrees of study) are obliged to conduct a conscientious and complete Student Evaluation of Teaching (see Dean's Measure No. 17/2018, Art. 3). Therefore, SET is one of the obligations for obtaining credits from enrolled courses. Students who fail to complete SET will not receive any credits from the end of the SET period.
  • SET usually lasts 2-3 weeks, starting with the credit week of the relevant semester. Students will be informed of the date of the evaluation in advance via the information systems of the faculty.
  • Students of the full-time form of study and the combined form of study carry out SET through the IS / STAG. After logging in, click on the "My study" tab and then on the left in the tab menu click on the "Teaching evaluation". Use the following link to login:

Please fill in the questionnaire thoroughly. This is the only way the evaluation can be used to implement systemic measures in teaching.

Basic information on completing the questionnaire

1) On the "Evaluation objects (courses or services)" tab, there are the courses you enrolled in. By clicking on the specific course, a questionnaire will be displayed. Please bear in mind that the questionnaire does not need to be completed in the case of final theses’ courses (e.g. BAP (K) 1-3, DP1-3), professional and operational practice (e.g. UA / PXO1-2, UA / TP, TP1-3, US / PXP, UA / PXPR, UA / PRO1-2, PRP1-2), semester projects and sports activities. Regarding these courses, you can optionally enter a comment in the field "How satisfied are you with the teaching". Concerning the other courses, please complete the relevant questionnaire. For questions that ask for an exclusive order, please fill in the number in such a way that each course you enrolled in has its own unique value for that particular evaluation. Please mind that you cannot count the courses not included for completing in the questionnaire in the total number of courses (see above). Example: a student enrolled in 7 courses, one of them is BAP1, another one is PX01 and one is a sports activity. The questionnaire will thus be completed for 4 courses and for questions concerning the exclusive order, the values ​​1-4 will always be stated (always one of the values ​​for the relevant course and question). In the field "How are you satisfied with the teaching?" please comment: a) reasons for assigning the exclusive order to that particular course, b) differences among teachers who are teaching more than one course, or c) other observations from the teaching of courses not covered by the questionnaire.

Note for the combined form of study: If questions of the questionnaire for lectures as well as exercises are ever shown for the given course of the combined form of study, please fill in only those that relate to the lectures, ignoring questions related to the exercises.

2) On the "Comment on teaching" tab, it is possible to enter comments on the way of teaching as a whole (therefore not on individual courses) such as: comments on study plans, rules at the faculty, support from the study department, etc.

3) Please remember to save the filled-in data on each tab by clicking the appropriate button. Submit the completed questionnaire by clicking the appropriate button at the very bottom.

4) If you have any questions about completing the questionnaire, please contact the study department or the vice-dean for pedagogical activities: