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Announcement of vice-dean for study affairs

No. 2/2016 here
 Guideline for writing the Ph. D. thesis at the FFPW USB - reference to the "macro" for Endnote
 Ph.D. thesis example  - download here
No. 1/2015 here  Conditions for obtaining course credits and exminations in English
No. 1/2011 here  Submission of Bachelor's and Diploma theses, rules for writting, deadlines....                                                   


Schedule of the Academic Year 2020/2021  here
Schedule of the Academic Year 2021/2022  here
Dean´s measure No. 11/2020  here
Study and examination regulations of USB
Study and examination regulations of doctoral study program FFPW USB
Higher education Act No. 111/1998 Sb. (only in Czech)
Dean's Decision No. 9/2021 - Course of the State Final Exam (SFE) of the Bachelor and Follow-up Master Study Programs
Scholarship regulations USB
Disciplinary procedure FFPW USB (only Czech)
Rectors' measures (only in Czech)
Social scholarship (only in Czech)
Accommodation scholarship (only in Czech)


Documents and forms

For bachelor and master students
COVID - 19 - Declaration of inefctivity download   download
Enrollment form FFPW USB
Application of student FFPW (general)
i.e. termination / interruption of studies, change of address
Application of student FFPW (signature of teacher)
i.e. for enrollment of subject, or writing off
Application for bachelor final state exam download --- ---
Application for master final state exam
For doctoral students DOC RTF PDF
Application for doctoral final state exam
Application for defence of Ph.D. thesis download    
Individual study plan for Ph.D. students download    
Annual report for Ph.D. students download    
Application for Ph.D. students (general)
i.e. term of exam changing/ change of disertation