IS/STAG = Information System of Study Agenda

portal = Portal interface of IS/STAG (


How to login, username (IDM name) here.

Warning: Only users with valid labour-law relationship or valid studies can login in IS/STAG. There are cases when eg., contract, respectively the validity of an employment relationship of the teacher has probably ended and he/she cans not log into the IS/STAG portal. It is important to contact the study office, secretary of the department or the competent department.
The assigning of examination in STAG (portal) is governed by Study and Examination Regulations of USB, respectively Dean’s Decisions, if such a decision is issued.


What you can do in the portal (STAG) after login:

1)    Assigning of the dates of credits and examinations

2)    Enter the evaluations of examinations and credits of individual students

3)    Send an email to all students registered in the course

4)    Print a list of students registered in the course

5)    Edit information about your subject (objectives, assumptions, contents, recommended literature…)

6)    Keep track of who I lead the final qualifying work and what role (supervisor, consultant)

7)    Monitoring the evaluation of your subject by students


What you can do in the portal (STAG) without login:

1)    View the study plans and subject descriptions

2)    View the terms of assigned examinations and credits

3)    View the schedules of individual fields, rooms

4)    View saved final qualifying works

5)    and other

ECTS Information Package and Course Catalogue:

-More info here