Study programme: Fishery

doctoral study, full-time form  

Rules for the 2nd Round of the Admission Procedure and Conditions for Admission to Study in the DSP Fishery in the Academic Year 2021/2022 are regulated by the Dean's measure No. 26/2021 - Rules for the 2nd round of admission procedure and conditions for admission to study to the Doctoral Study Program (DSP).

Postgraduate study in the accredited study program Fishery represents an interesting possibility to continue with acquiring new scientific knowledge according to an individual study plan. This study deepens knowledge and abilities acquired in the master study in relation to detailed professional specialization usually in context with current scientific and research issues in aquaculture, fish genetics and reproduction, fisheries, water protection, hydrobiology, aquatic toxicology etc. Students will be included in working groups in scientific laboratories of our faculty based on their dissertation topic. Aside ability to work in team, students will be requested to show creativity and self-activity and ability to publish results in scientific literature. Study aims to prepare students for their future research, scientific or pedagogical career at universities or research institutions and top-management of big companies even transnational ones.

• It is a daily study with minimum of 25 days of vacation + 12 days of national holiday.
• The study is free of charge – when you study in standard period.
• Under this study a scholarship will be paid to you.
• You will get a minimal work load at our faculty of 10 %. Under certain condition it might be up to 100 %.
• Your average monthly income (scholarship + salary) will be about 15,000 – 20,000 CZK. Excellent students can have income even more than 20,000 CZK.
• It is a Czech program, but applicants from worldwide can be admitted to this program. Knowledge of Czech language is not an obligation. It is enough when you speak English.



1) Look at the offered themes of Ph.D. thesis for the coming academic year and select one of them. The themes are here.

2) Get in contact with supervisor written by the selected theme. In case of a mutual deal, complete the application to study at a university on-line application on, from which then print the application form or complete the application form (also available here). The name of the program of study, the form of study and the language of study (Czech or English) must be specified in the application.

3) The following annexes are part of the application:
  • Listing of marks and credits from passed subjects of Bachelor´s and Master’s study confirmed by the Study Office of the university (higher Education Institution), where the student studied – it applies to applicants for doctoral study. This obligation does not apply to students of FFPW USB. Applicants who have not completed the Master's study by the deadline for submitting applications to study are to state the supposed date of their study in the application.
  • An original or an officially certified copy of a diploma of completed Master´s or higher degree. This applies to applicants who completed the  study before the deadline for submitting applications for study. Applicants, who complete Master´s or higher degree of study later but no longer than in March 2022 , submit the proof of completion of study immediately after they receive it and no later than the date of enrolment to the Doctoral study. In case the applicant obtained his/her education at a foreign university, the applicant shall submit the original or an officially certified copy of an official document confirming the completion of full university education giving entitlement to a doctoral study program in that country. The document shall be authenticated  following § 12 of the Act No. 91/2012 Coll., on Private  International Law, as amended, unless the international or bilateral treaty specifies otherwise. The above document shall be accompanied by (i) an official translation of the above-mentioned document into Czech or English, (ii) an English original, an officially certified copy of the English original, or an official translation of the list of the applicant's completed study obligations from a Master's study degree issued by the relevant university; (iii) an officially certified copy of the English original or an official translation of a document confirming the achievement of the applicant's bachelor's study degree (if applicable); and (iv) an English original, an officially certified copy of the English original or an official translation of the applicant's completed study obligations from a bachelor's study degree issued by the relevant university. Official translations of original documents can be documented in Czech or English. In case of doubt, the FFPW USB may request the submission of a document proving the equivalence of the foreign study and the applicant's diploma with study in a Master's study program accredited at a university in the Czech Republic issued as its Rector's decision by such university in the CR ( under § 89 and 90 of the Higher Education Act).

  • Brief structured curriculum vitae containing details about the achieved education, expert or scientific and research activities, list of publications, and lectures or reviews of expert activities.
  • Cover letter giving reasons for interest in studying a DSP  at the FFPW USB and explaining the choice of a Ph.D. thesis topic and a brief idea of a method or a procedure of handling the selected Ph.D. thesis topic. Applicants register for a specific Ph.D. thesis topic by selecting a topic from a list of topics offered for the given admission procedure. The list of offered topics of Ph.D. theses is available on the FFPW USB website.
  • Employer's recommendation for the applicant's study – it applies to applicants for combined study. This document is not mandatory but will be taken into account in the admission procedure.
All attachments except for the documents verifying the level of achieved education can be delivered as e-attachments when submitting the application online not later than 14th November 2021 (by e-mail to the address of the Study Office or as an attachment to the online application to study). In the case of fields of study taught in English, the application and all attachments must be in English.

If there are any formal deficiencies in the application, the Study Office asks  the applicants to remove them. In case that substantial formal deficiencies are not removed by  the date specified in the appealsuch applications will be excluded from the admission procedure. Applicants are responsible for the accuracy of the data provided in the application. If the applicant specifies incorrect information in the application, they can be excluded from the admission procedure or they will not be allowed to enroll to study at the FFPW USB.

Applications for study shall be sent to the following address:

University of South Bohemia in České Budějovice
Faculty of Fisheries and Protection of Waters
Office DSP and foreign relationship
Zátiší 728/II
389 25 Vodňany
Czech Republic

4) Pay a fee of 500 CZK for processing of your application and admission procedure (see details below).

5) Wait until you are contacted by our study office with further instructions

6) In case of doubts, feel free to contact our study office. Contact is shown below.


All applicants whose application is not eliminated by the Admission Committee from the admission procedure due to formal deficiencies are invited to take part in an admission interview. The admission interview can also be conducted in well-founded cases by means of electronic communication technologies. However, in this case, it is the applicant who bears the risk related to their evaluation due to a low-quality connection. Applications of the applicants who do not participate in the admission interview are eliminated from the admission procedure.

  • During the admission interview to the DSP Protection of Aquatic Ecosystems, an applicant must prove sufficiently broad basic knowledge of animal biology, chemistry, and water ecology.
  • During the admission interview to the DSP Fishery, an applicant must prove sufficiently broad basic knowledge of animal biology, fishery, and water ecology.

An integral part of the admission interview is the verification of the ability to communicate in English.

Based on the interview, the Admission Committee evaluates an applicant with a score from 0 to 15 points. Another 0 to 15 points are assigned to an applicant on the basis of data concerning their previous education, experience, publication, and pedagogical activities, etc. , In this evaluation,  the Admission Committee  takes into consideration the point of view of the Head of the particular organization unit of the Faculty where the student is to operate and a point of view of a possible supervisor of the applicant if they are not members of the Admission Committee. The evaluation itself is based on the average of score points proposed by present members of the Committee rounded off to two decimal places. Applicants with less than 20 points cannot be admitted to study.

If a given Ph.D. thesis topic is selected by more applicants, the topic is assigned to the applicant with the highest score evaluation. In the case of the same number of points, it is decided by drawing lots. If a given topic is selected by one applicant and he/she obtains at least 20 points from the Admission Committee, this applicant is admitted to study after meeting the remaining conditions. Applicants who obtain more than 20 points but the Ph.D. thesis topic they selected is taken by an applicant with a higher number of points are offered an option to select from free topics of the Ph.D. thesis of those supervisors who show interest in it. Offer of free topics to applicants takes place according to instructions of supervisors who list these topics.

The admission procedure for the  DSP  taught in English will be held entirely in English.  Other conditions for the admission procedure for the Doctoral study are identical to the conditions mentioned above. Fees for the study conducted in English are stipulated by the Dean of the Faculty in an individual  Measure which is issued before the date of the submission of applications.

  • Applicants who obtain more than 20 points from the Admission Committee and whose place is among students to be admitted or who agree on selecting a free topic later and who meet other conditions to be admitted to the study are notified of their admission.
  • Applicants who obtain more than 20 points from the Admission Committee, whose place is among the students to be admitted or who agree on selecting a free topic later but who do not meet the conditions for admission (applies to students who did not obtain the Master’s degree at the time of the admission interview or whose foreign studies are not acknowledged in the Czech Republic) are notified about the fact that they meet the admission conditions and that they will be admitted after meeting all the conditions.
  • Applicants who do not obtain more than 20 points from the Admission Committee or whose place is not among the students to be admitted and who are not offered another free Ph.D. thesis topic, or students who do not meet other conditions (mainly with regard to proving their achieved Master’s degree according to the above-mentioned conditions) are not admitted to the study.

The admission interviews for the DSP will take place from 29th November to 10th December 2021 (subject to change). The date, time, and place of the admission examination  are sent to the applicants’ contact email addresses stated in their application no later than  5 days before the date of the admission interview.


The fee for the activities associated with the admission procedure is CZK 500 and must be paid by the time of the application submission, preferably by a bank transfer or by a post money order to:
Company name: Jihočeská univerzita v Českých Budějovicích
Company address: Branišovská 1645/31a, České Budějovice
Account Number: 104725778/0300
Bank: Československá obchodní banka, a.s.
Address of bank: Hroznová 63/1, České Budějovice, 370 01
IBAN for payment abroad: CZ2003000000000104725778
BIC for payment from abroad: CEKOCZPP
variable symbol: 6020109
specific symbol: for an electronic application, it is the number of the field of study, for a paper application, it is the applicant's birth certificate number without a slash or their date of birth in the format DDMMYYYY for applicants without a birth certificate number

constant symbol: 378 for payment by a bank transfer; 379 for payment by a post money order

In case of payment discrepancies, applicants will be asked to provide evidence of the payment for the admission procedure (bank statement, bank confirmation of the bank transfer, money order receipt, etc.).


Are you missing information? Did you not find answers to your questions? Contact the study office:
Bc. Lucie Kačerová
study office of doctoral study of the FFPW USB
Tel.: +420 38 777 4736, +420 734 269 084