Manual for completing the supervisor´s /opponent´s review:
-    Choose if it is bachelor or diploma thesis
-    Choose the institute under which is BT/DT written
-    Write a name of student´s whom works you make a review
-    Choose  a field and form of study
-    Write a name of the final thesis
-    Fill in your personal data (name, surname, titles) + Your workplace
-    For each of 7 questions, select the mark and write a comment. Each comment under each question is mandatory and if it is not filled in, your review will be returned back to correction and completion.
-    You are required to list two additional questions
-    In the overal rating, check the overal grade that you would evaluate the final work and wheter you recomment it for the defense
-    Fill in the date and sign the review
-    If you want to save a document, you need to have at least 100 characters in your comment, otherwise the comment will be deleted.
The advantage of a new form of review is that you can download the review to your computer, work on it, save it and whenever you want it, you can return to it without having to fill it all over again. However, it is important that all items must be filled in, including comments, before the report is printed.
You have to send the printed and signed review up to May 23rd, 2022 – Na Sádkách 1780, 370 05 České Budějovice
In the case that you open the form in Mozilla Firefox, click on the view button on the right top and download the file into your PC.
In the case that you open the form in Internet Explorer as your default browser, you will be able to open a pdf. version that you can fill in and, if necessary, save it, click on the disk symbol to save and save and print.